Through Thick and Thin

  Through thick and thin, through up and down, in rain and shine, in black and white, Allah was, is and will always be Al-Fattah (The Granter of Success)  Ali Ibn Abi Talib says, "Life consists of two days: one for you and one against you. So, when it's for you don't be proud or reckless, and when it's against you be patient, for both days are a test for you." This quote by Ali (RA) sums up the major theme of our lives. The leading cause for breaking down at times of hardships and getting overwhelmed at times of joy is our limited perception of the event that occurs. While dealing with a situation, we consider the empirical or hands-on facts and tend to ignore the actual perception that we should have perceived in the first place. Life, indeed is a test and we are created with a purpose that we need to fulfill. This should be the first thing we need to consider while figuring out situations in our life.  “Did you think that We had created you in play (without any
As salamu alaykum wrwb, 'Fi Rihla (في رحلة)' in Arabic translates to 'on a journey.'   Life is a journey. It's not any ordinary kind of a journey but it's a journey of return. We are told to live a life of a traveler. The world (duniya) we are living in right now, is a temporary place and any attachment to it will act as a barrier to our final destination i.e. the world hereafter.  There's a greater purpose and reason behind mankind's creation. This duniya is indeed a test from Almighty and we humans are His subjects writing our ultimate destinies of either the Jannah ( heaven) or Jahannam (hell) based on the deeds we perform. I've started this blog to express my thoughts and share my experiences with you all. Writing for me has always been an escape from this world and with this blog I mainly wish to pen down my reflections of this duniya from the perspective of my deen (religion).  I, welcome you all to 'my journey in this duniya.'  Poetry,